Choosing the Right eBike

Choosing the Right eBike

With so many options out there, how can you decide what’s right for you when shopping for en electric bike? Let’s start broad and narrow it down.

<strong>What’s your mission?</strong>
Fun, sport, or commuting? Beach cruisers or mountain bikes are pretty good all around fun electric bikes or sporty bikes if you want to actually use your mountain bike off roading. If you’re looking for strictly a commuter bike, you may want to consider something that allows you to sit more upright like a beach cruiser, or hybrid.

Do you need to transport your bike in your car or store it in a small space? If so, you should consider a folding electric bike.

<strong>How much do you want to spend?</strong>
Revolution Electric Bikes™ offers extremely affordable electric bikes at a fraction of the price of our major competitors. If you’re looking to spend less and get more, look no further!